Discover the health benefits of vitamin C

Discover the health benefits of vitamin C

We're going to unlock a memory for you. As a child, you were likely given a emulsion that may have tasted bad, but was good for you because it provided vitamins. As we grew up and became adults, we continue to ask ourselves, 'What are vitamins, and why are they good for our health?' Before mentioning the great benefits that vitamin C provides, it's important to address these questions first.

According to research conducted by the National Library of Medicine's online resource, MedlinePlus, vitamins are substances that your body needs to grow and function properly. Their importance lies in the fact that the absence of certain vitamins can lead to various diseases.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an antioxidant that protects cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. It is also a nutrient that is essential for the health of the skin, blood vessels, cartilage, muscles, and bones. In addition, vitamin C plays a vital role in the body's healing process. 

 Who should consume vitamin C?

The answer is simple: everyone, without exception (as long as you are over 12 years old), should consume this essential vitamin to maintain good health. However, certain groups are recommended to consume extra vitamin C, such as pregnant women, smokers, individuals with burns, scrapes, or those recovering from surgery.

It's important to note that vitamin C is not stored in our body, and therefore, we need to obtain it from our diet or supplements. If we do not consume enough vitamin C-rich foods, we may experience symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, and irritability.

Summing up, what are the benefits of vitamin C?

  • It could help in wound healing.
  • It could improve the absorption of iron from plant-based foods.
  • It could support the immune system.
  • Vitamin C could have a protective effect on memory.
  • It could help with the formation and proper maintenance of collagen.
  • It could help protect teeth and gums.
  • It could improve the radiance and texture of the skin, as well as reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and crow's feet.


Now that you know some of the benefits of vitamin C, what should you do next?

It's simple - we recommend that you incorporate vitamin C into your daily routine (and now you understand why). You can do this by consuming foods rich in vitamin C or by trying our available supplements, such as Vitamin C or Kool Boom C+M, which contain 2000 mg (the maximum daily recommended dose by professionals). At Immune & Genetics Protocols , we prioritize your health and prevention.

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