1.The spaces to be affiliated are limited and the company reserves the right of admission.
2. Nothing contained herein should be construed as a partnership, a joint venture, or an employer-employee relationship.
3. In order to be a marketing affiliate of IGP, LLC, the user must have an SSN, EIN or TAX ID from a company legally established in the USA.
4. Every affiliate will be responsible for reporting to the IRS the income generated by the commissions. IGP, LLC is not responsible for withholding or reporting such income.
5. IGP, LLC is responsible for shipping and handling logistics.
6. The percentage of profit will be 20% for the sales generated through the URL only and exclusively. Example: for a sale of $100.00 the commission will be $20.00; for a sale of $1,000.00 the commission will be $200.00
7. The 20% commission will be paid monthly, solely and exclusively, for sales generated through the URL or link assigned by the system when the affiliation was made.
8. Commissions will be paid based on the sale price of each product excluding the cost of shipping.
9. Any claim or return of a purchase tied to your URL that ends in cancellation of said purchase for the amount corresponding to the commission will be discounted during the period in which it arises or in the next period of invoicing and payment.
10. The total sales accumulated during each month, regardless of the day you have started, will close the last day of each month and the commission payment by IGP, LLC will be issued no later than the 5th business day of the following month by means of a check sent to the physical address provided by you in the system. IGP, LLC will not be responsible for any delay caused by entities and / or people outside our operation nor for errors in the address provided.
11. All information related to IGP, LLC products, prices, promotions and protocols is available at www.immunebiogreencell.com. Affiliates may re-post their personal accounts on Social Networks from the official accounts of the company. They may not advertise or make different promotions in other publishing; nor may they make graphic arts to promote their URLs.

If you read, understood and agree to these conditions, please fill out the information requested below