Immune Bio Green Cell

IMMUNE BIO GREEN CELL is a biological modulator of the immune response. By modulating your immune system, it restores its genetic cell recognition. Therefore, it would have the ability to fight and could help your immune system attack malignant cells while preventing your immune system from attacking and / or destroying good cells.
Immune Bio Green Cell is produced and packaged in a laboratory registered in the USA.

Proceso de fabricación de Immune Bio Green Cell

The process begins with the detailed analysis of the soil where the plants that make up the Immune Bio Green Cell are grown. Parameters that ensure plant growth in the best conditions are monitored and controlled, in order to obtain the quantity and quality of active ingredients that guarantee the best quality standards of our product.
A strict selection is made of the cultivation areas, away from roads to limit contamination by exhaust from combustion engines, and also, the use of agrochemicals is not allowed in any of our crops.

Once the growth conditions of the plants (Baccharis Articulata, Rosmarinus Officinales, Plantago Major) that will be used to produce the Immune Bio Green Cell are assured, the harvest is carried out at the corresponding time for each species, a time in which it is guaranteed that they naturally present the highest concentration of active ingredients. The harvest is carried out with special care, without the intervention of machinery, selecting the best plants and using only the parts that concentrate the greatest amount of active ingredients.

These plants, after processing and conditioning, are macerated in reactors specially manufactured for this procedure, a process by which the active ingredients pass from the botanical material to the liquid that surrounds them. Once the maceration cycle has been completed, the liquid is separated from the botanical material and progressively filtered to remove all solids from the solution. Finally, the microbiological and physicochemical analyzes of the solution obtained are carried out to ensure the best conditions for the product, for its subsequent export to the United States of America. Immune Bio Green Cell is a product approved as Immune System Enhancement Formula by USDA and is made in a laboratory registered with the FDA.